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Alfa-A Oil Horse - Food

• Alfa-A Oil combines alfalfa with a GM free soya oil coating and added vitamin E
• Supplies 100ml of added oil and 200IU vitamin E per kilogram of product
• 12.5MJ/kg digestible energy equivalent to a Conditioning or Competition Mix/Cube
• Suitable for horses in hard work or those needing to gain weight
• Based on fibre and oil, Alfa-A Oil provides ‘slow release’ energy for condition without the fizz
• Alfa-A Oil may be fed as the sole ‘bucket feed’ alongside a Vits & Mins supplement from the Natural Vitality supplement range or a Dengie Balancer. Alternatively Alfa-A Oil may be fed alongside traditional mixes and cubes to add valuable nutrients and to help slow the rate of eating
• Alfa-A Oil is naturally low in sugar and starch and so is suitable for horses that require a low sugar and starch ration such as those prone to laminitis or muscle problems
• Alfa-A Oil is molasses free
• One large round scoop holds 400g
• 6 months shelf life

Download the Dengie Fact Sheet for further information

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Alfa-A Oil
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