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Alfa-A and Hi-Fi Balancer Horse - Food

• Formulated to complement the Alfa-A and Hi-Fi ranges of fibre feeds
• Based on alfalfa, rice and linseed as they are sympathetic to the horse’s digestive system
• Alfalfa provides highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals, linseed supplies omega-3 essential fatty acids for coat condition and general health and rice is the most digestible form of starch
• Dengie Balancers are extruded nuggets and have a greater surface area compared to pellets. This prolongs chewing time, thereby helping to improve digestive efficiency
• Dengie Balancers are molasses free so when fed alongside ‘Lite’ or Molasses Free products they help to create a low sugar diet
• Rosemary and thyme are included in Dengie Balancers for palatability and antioxidant properties
• Fully supplemented with vitamins and minerals along with chelated trace minerals for more efficient absorption
• ALFA-A BALANCER – also contains glucosamine for joint support (7.5g per day for a 500kg horse), B vitamins for energy metabolism and prebiotics for gut health and improved feed utilisation

Download the Dengie Fact Sheet for further information

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Alfa-A and Hi-Fi Balancer
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